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April 3, 2019
The rise of the vertical video format

The video provider WeVideo just announced that it now fully supports vertical video. WeVideo is neither the first, nor the last, company to do so. The usage of vertical video is a trend that is not showing signs of slowing down soon.

A recent study conducted by Ericsson — the carrier responsible for nearly 40% of the mobile data traffic worldwide — predicts that by 2022, every smartphone in the US will devour a monthly average of 25 gigabytes of data.

A few statistics:

  • mobile traffic handles nearly 55% of total Internet traffic
  • smartphones consume over 90% of mobile traffic
  • the total mobile traffic rises by an average of 45% each year
  • people use their smartphones in portrait (vertical) mode 94% of the time
  • by 2022, 75% of the mobile traffic will be video

This means that by 2022 — that’s less than 3 years away -- people watching videos in vertical mode will suck over a third of the entire Internet traffic.

One could conclude from these statistics that the walking dead among us (a.k.a. the phone zombies) need to feed on something other than just brains, probably because of a shortage of the latter.

Jokes aside, if you are doing any kind of online business, you will perhaps also conclude that you need to optimize your videos for the way people use them.

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