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This Nuke tutorial covers the glow node and how to use it effectively when compositing.
Proxies are thrown around a lot in filmmaking conversations though if you are new to the editing world you might not have had a chance to dip your toes into those waters. (...)
Post-production studio, Absoluteannounce the hiring of VFX Supervisor, MarkPinheiro. (...)
The post How to make engaging videos that stay on brand appeared first on Biteable.
Maxon have released this new RedShift renderer showreel.
Ilir Beqiri shows how to create text waves procedurally with Geometry Nodes. (...)
I must confess, I don't use Adobe Lightroom to anywhere near its full potential. (...)
Editing a video is usually the last step before it is delivered to be viewed. (...)
A great thing about mirrorless cameras are their small size and handholdable form factor. (...)
By Vincent Frei
The Predator is back with this first teaser of Prey! (...)
LOS ANGELES Uppercut (, the editorial, finishing and VFX studio, has added editor Ben McCambridge to its growing Los Angeles team. (...)
Street photography is not the easiest genre to get into, especially if you tend to have a more timid personality or enjoy working alone. (...)
Live streaming is serious business. (...)
Watch an incredible demo of the Mavis Live cloud production system
By (Simon Wyndham)
Redsharks Bas Goossens talks to Atomos' Paul Scurrell, Senior VP Product, Wes Plate, Senior Workflow Designer, and Phil Watten, CTO and Co-founder of Mavis, on the NAB 2022 show floor about the new cloud workflow products that the companies have developed.
Its no surprise that many people, including professional photographers, want subscription-free software. (...)
How far should you sit from your screen? (...)
While video editing suites like Premiere Pro are catching up, they come at a price, and the majority of editors still make it quite difficult to create and edit captions. (...)
Don't get me wrong, there were already a bunch of great resources for communicating with coworkers and friends: Skype and Zoom are prime examples. (...)
Something that everyone should build up over time is a collection of different effects or plug-ins to keep on hand to speed up your edits and also gain some level of consistency across your projects. (...)
Theres an old bit of nonsense that states there are two factors that affect price when buying a tripod: stability and weight. (...)
The Panasonic GH6 mirrorless camera is here, and it came with a variety of new features and improvements over the popular GH5. (...)
After a long period of mediocrity where Canon sat in the dead zone between going all-in on mirrorless and staying with DSLRs, Canon is back to producing superb cameras. (...)
In the latest vs. 22.4 update, Adobe Premiere receives several performance improvements including encoding of H.265 video in 10-bit 4:2:2 color. (...)
DJI has updated the firmware for the DJI Mic wireless microphones, and while the update is basically just housekeeping to make the devices easier to use, there are a few new features that do stand out. (...)
Filmmaking is a collaborative endeavor. (...)
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