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Want to do more with YouTube videos? (...)
Summary List Placement The job market has been flooded with skilled media talent in recent months, as consolidation in the industry eliminates roles and the pandemic places pressure on companies to lay off and furlough staffers. (...)
Mashable's series Tech in 2025 explores how the challenges of today will dramatically change the near future. (...)
Video editors need to spend their time wisely while creating a project, and there are a few efficiency techniques that they should be using. (...)
Organizing and marketing an event isnt easy. (...)
AWAY: VFX Breakdown by DNEG
By Vincent Frei
Lets have a trip into Deep Space with DNEG about their work on the Netflix series, AWAY: WANT TO KNOW MORE? (...)
Developing a unique brand for your content is challenging. (...)
Start making great video around Ethiopia, with our top After Effects resources, plus bonus assets!Farms and mountains, Ethiopia - available from Envato Elements3 Top After Effects Video Templates for EthiopiaHere are some of our best templates fromEnvato MarketandEnvato Elements, to help you create engaging, eye-catching video.1.201 World Countries Logo & Titles - Mega Pack This is a great title or opening sequence for After Effects featuring all the countries in the world. (...)
FUJIFILM has just updated its Windows & Mac software that allows you to use your X and GFX series mirrorless cameras into webcams: FUJIFILM X Webcam v2.0. (...)
Lets have a look at the creatures, environments and magical FX work made by Milk Visual Effects on the Netflix series, CURSED (click on the picture below to watch it): WANT TO KNOW MORE? (...)
Video ads are wildly popular because they work and Im not just saying that because my video production agency makes wildly popular video ads Im saying that because my video production agency makes wildly popular video ads. 1. (...)
Making a photo slideshow is a great way to show off a project, or celebrate a theme like a birthday. (...)
30-second summary: The majority of TikTok users are under the age of 29. (...)
Googles Official Digital Marketing Publication. (...)
Video has proven itself to be the most memorable and engaging marketing medium around. (...)
Youve created an awesome video for your brand, and now the only thing left to do is to get noticed by everyone on social media. (...)
Try Adobe Premiere Pro Pumpkin Spice Lattes, changing leaves, Fall is here! (...)
There arent many direct-to-consumer brands shipping products that live and breathe. (...)
This year, businesses have had to grasp at every opportunity to drive interest and sales. (...)
Get ready to create amazing video all about Egypt, with our top resources from Envato Elements and Envato Market.Sunrise over Mount Sinai available from Envato Elements3 Top Egyptian After Effects Video TemplatesTry a few of our favourite templates fromEnvato MarketandEnvato Elements, to help you create awesome video.1.Africa Animated Map - Africa Map KitThis animated map kit for After Effects includes all countries in Africa, configured individually. (...)
Today I have some live streaming resources to help you improve your reach through Facebook Live. (...)
Netflix has recently announced that they now stream optimized shot-based encoding content for 4K. (...)
There are over 2 billion logged-in monthly users Thats YouTubes enormous reach. (...)
PowerPoint is boring. (...)
Come have a look at the creatures and environments work made by Image Engine on MULAN: WANT TO KNOW MORE? (...)
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