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Video is becoming the go-to content medium for brands because it can convey empathy and emotion. (...)
Digital Domain takes us to visit a planet just before its total destruction for the Marvel Studios series, Loki: WANT TO KNOW MORE?Jean-Luc Dinsdale: My interview of Jean-Luc Dinsdale, VFX Supervisor at Digital Domain.Dan Deleeuw: My interview of Overall VFX Supervisor Dan Deleeuw.Disney+: You can now watch Loki on Disney+ Vincent Frei The Art of VFX 2021 The post Loki: VFX Breakdown by Digital Domain appeared first on The Art of VFX.
For the majority of photographers, their website is the central hub through which potential clients will find and decide whether or not to hire them. (...)
Be warned: if you love gear, you might want to buy everything on this list. (...)
American Cinema Editors EditFest Global returns during a virtual event on August 28 and 29, 2021, offering access to the insight and experiences of the worlds finest editors. (...)
About Amazon Watch Amazon Watch has been at the forefront of protecting the Amazon basin and our climate. (...)
AMD announced this month that several new plug-ins are now available for its fast and easy rendering engine, AMD Radeon ProRender. (...)
Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher Consumers have turned into prosumers. (...)
One photographer has been chasing a particular shot for a number of years, and in this video, watch behind the scenes as he spends a week trying to get it just right in the United Kingdom's Peak District. [ Read More ]
Fremont, California, USA Tuesday, August 24, 2021 Blackmagic Design announced today the YouTube series Stunt Tales, featuring interviews with the film industrys top stunt performers, uses ATEM Mini Extreme ISO and DaVinci Resolve Studio for production andpost. (...)
While Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing platform, its filters continue to be an essential feature when creating content. (...)
From hand-drawn celluloid to real-time 3d workflows, animation techniques have advanced over the decades. (...)
How REALTIME and DI4D combined for the new story-mode on this racing game. (...)
This week's newsroundup includes a new EOS R5 fancooling system from Tilta, and a BRAW plugin for Premiere Pro.
Marc Brunet explains how to pick the right colors for your art.
Visual effects were key to bringing co-writers Savagues and Alvares vision of the film to life. (...)
Disney+sThe Mysterious Benedict Societyis a mystery/adventure series based on the children's books by Trenton Lee Stewart. (...)
Gaining a strong grasp of lighting is essential not only to producing technically competent photographs but for developing a personal creative style as well. (...)
Roaring through the screen, the first season of Genndy Tartakovskys ferocious animated series Primal, released in two parts between 2019 and 2020, tracks the prehistoric mishaps of Spear, an early man, and a female Tyrannosaurus known as Fang. (...)
If your 2020 and 2021 have been anything like mine, youre probably well-acquainted with the virtual meeting software by now (in fact theyre still growing every quarter). (...)
Canon vs Sony
By Shawn Steiner
Its a whole new world for cameras. (...)
Lets have a look at the work made by the teams of Rebellion VFX on the movie, Schools Out Forever: Vincent Frei The Art of VFX 2021 The post Schools Out Forever: VFX Breakdown by Rebellion VFX appeared first on The Art of VFX.
In 2021, editing 4K, 6K, and even 8K videos has become more common, even for YouTube creators. (...)
Adobe has released a major update to Photoshop for both Desktop and iPad. (...)
Get ready for tons of destructions in this VFX Breakdown by Scanline VFX about their work on Free Guy: Vincent Frei The Art of VFX 2021 The post Free Guy: VFX Breakdown by Scanline VFX appeared first on The Art of VFX.
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