Catching Errors

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April 26, 2019
... on video

Many of the so-called "mistakes" that organizations are committing in their video marketing strategy are variants of  the traps that pretty much every other marketer has fallen into at one time or another in their career. In a recent post -- a compilation of commonly encountered video marketing mistakes -- various professionals chime in and report on what they perceive as the most important errors you should keep an eye out for when working with video media.

The following marketing mistakes are very common ways to sink a campaign and its content, regardless of the medium:

  • Selling over telling
  • Overspending
  • Irrelevant content
  • Inefficient targeting
  • Missing CTA
  • Overly optimistic expectations

The remaining items on the list are closely related to the video medium. In no particular order:

  • Bad audio
  • Insufficient optimization
  • Use of static content

While the first two mistakes are typically the result of a lack of skills and experience in dealing with videos, the last item is easy to avoid. Users of video expect truly dynamic content: they expect a progression, a continuous movement towards an end. Powerpoint-like stills are off-putting at best and will kill your message.before it has a chance to hatch.


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