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Rules and conditions

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  1. Do not submit material that includes obvious sales- or promotion-oriented content. Sales pitches of any kind will be either edited out of the published version or more likely will cause the submission to be rejected.
  2. We only allow one outbound link per post. The hyperlink must be direct and clean of all tracking or identifying information. In case the submission includes more than one such link, only the first one will be used in order of appearance. All other links and references will be edited out.
  3. All the submitted material must be in line with Videocide's objectives and address its target audience's needs. Material that is not related to the digital video industry or market will be ignored.
  4. Authors can submit any amount of media (images, videos, or external documents): however, only one such media will be embedded in the published version.
  5. Adult, offensive, overtly political, or pornographic content will not be considered for publication.
  6. The editorial team reserves the right to reject any submission for any reason whatsoever, without justification or further communication.
  7. The editorial team can (and will) edit the submitted material before publication. In most cases, the author or contributor will not be contacted before or after the publication of the said material.
  8. Contributors and authors can submit material in text or video form. Video material will be transcribed.
  9. Contributors and authors will not be contacted, regardless of the outcome of the submission.
  10. Videocide will not use the submitted material outside the confine of the website. All material remains the property of the original author.
  11. Videocide does not charge for publishing external material. This is a 100% free service.
  12. Authors can request the removal of their material at any time. Videocide will delete the post within 30 days of the removal request. is a service provided by Codecide, a company located in Chicago, IL USA.