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Bi-Color LED Video 3-Light Kit (Black) GVM 672S-B

The kit includes three black 672S-B Bi-Color LED Panels with 4-way barndoors, AC power adapters, soft filters, light stands, and wireless remote controllers. A case is also included for storage and transport of the lights.

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Dell 34" 21:9 IPS Curved Monitor (expired) P3418HW

This monitor features a curved display with a panoramic view and a more uniform focal distance, meaning that you won't have to move your eyes as much as with a flat screen monitor.

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Nanguang RGB173 LED Panel Light (expired) #RGB173

Able to be used on-camera or on a light stand using the included 5/8" adapter, the RGB173 LED Panel Light from Nanguang uses RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED technology with Hue and Saturation control that allows it to display millions of colors.

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Sachtler Heavy Duty Harness (expired) #SN605

The ergonomic vest-style design features an adjustment system with airline-style straps and easy snap locks to provide a secure fit while carrying audio bags up to 88 lb (40 kg).

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Xiaomi Mi 4K Action Camera (expired) 2.4” Touchscreen WiFi Sports Camera with Sony Image Sensor

Xiaomi Mi 4K Camera records 4k/30fps, 1080p/100fps, 720p/200fps video, and 8MP raw images with a build-in IMX317 image sensor.

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White Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones (expired) JBL LIVE 650BTNC

With the white LIVE 650BTNC Wireless Over-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones from JBL, you have full control over your audio experience. Utilizing the built-in earcup controls, you can switch on active noise cancelling for isolated enjoyment of your favorite music.

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Sachtler Dr. Bag - 4 (expired) #SC004

Sachtler's Dr. Bag - 4 is a large bag designed to store and protect a camera with a matte box and microphone attached, along with extra gear. It features removable internal rigid dividers for custom configuration, cold-molded laminate panels provide extra protection, and side pockets for additional storage.

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36" Angler Quick-Open Deep Parabolic Softbox (expired) #QO-DP36

The 36" Quick-Open Deep Parabolic Softbox from Angler lives up to its name via its built-in support rods that lift and lock into place, as well as its widely-compatible Bowens S-Type speed ring.

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Bi-Color Flood Shoot-Through LED Ring Light (expired) by Ledgo

Well-suited for beauty lighting, this ting light from Ledgo provides a desirable soft, even light quality for close-up work along with the distinct shape to produce ring-shaped catchlight

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Lensbaby Composer Pro II (expired) with Sweet 80 Optic

The Sweet 80 is a unique lens, which affords a distinct curved field of focus for producing a sweet spot of focus surrounded by smooth, blurred elements. When coupled with the Composer Pro II, this spot of focus can be moved anywhere within the image area, and changed in dimension, using up to 15° of tilt on the lens body.

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