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ATH-DSR5BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones

by Audio-Technica | #ATH-DSR5BT

Experience high-fidelity audio with the ATH-DSR5BT Wireless In-Ear Headphones from Audio-Technica.



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Experience high-fidelity audio with the ATH-DSR5BT Wireless In-ear Headphones from Audio-Technica. The engineers at Audio-Technica have utilized multiple technologies to help provide crystal-clear and accurate audio reproduction. They've incorporated their Pure Digital Drive system, which eliminates digital-to-audio conversion, keeping the |digital signal| from source to driver. Dual 9.8mm and 8.8mm dual phase push-pull drivers in each ear are designed to minimize distortion, increase power, and provide clear sound reproduction. These in-ear headphones also support Qualcomm's aptX HD codec for high bitrate audio files.

Dual-phase Push-Pull Drivers

These wireless headphones feature 9.8mm and 8.8mm drivers facing each other. They are given different phased signals that make them move simultaneously, but in different directions, which is meant to provide a host of audio improvements. This technology is designed to lower harmonic distortion and increase power output and handling. This yields music with controlled bass, clear mid-range vocals, and accurate highs.

Qualcomm aptX HD

With support for the aptX HD codec, these headphones are capable of receiving 24-bit/48 kHz high-resolution audio signals.

Wireless Bluetooth Technology

These headphones are designed to wirelessly transmit your favorite audio from Bluetooth-compatible mobile devices. When paired with a Bluetooth-compatible smartphone, you can also utilize the built-in microphone to wirelessly make and take phone calls.

Ergonomic Design

While the ATH-DSR5BT are in-ear headphones, they are connected to an ergonomically designed neckband that is meant to rest comfortably on the back of your neck. The microphone and all controls are at the front of the neckband for convenient operation and audio management. The controls allow you to manage audio playback, volume, and hands-free calling.

All-Day Battery Life

Thanks to the built-in LiPo battery, these wireless in-ear headphones can provide up to 8 hours of playback throughout your day. When it's time to recharge, simply connect the included micro-USB cable to a computer or (optional) USB power adapter. Charging them back to 100% takes approximately 3 hours.
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