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Concert 88 Lavalier UHF Wireless Microphone Presentation System (expired)

published on April 7, 2020

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Concert 88 Lavalier UHF Wireless Microphone Presentation System (expired)

by Samson, D: 542 to 566 MHz

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The Concert 88 Lavalier UHF Wireless Microphone Presentation System from Samson consists of a CR88 half-rack UHF receiver, a CB88 bodypack transmitter, and an LM10 lavalier microphone with clip. It can be used in live sound reinforcement applications for capturing speech wherein the speaker wants to be free to move around.

The receiver features a true diversity dual-antenna design whereby internal signal processing switches to the antenna that is receiving a stronger signal. This helps to prevent drop-outs and maintain a more accurate transmission. The unit includes a tone key and an auto-mute function to eliminate noise if the receiver ever loses the signal. For controls, the receiver features a power button, volume knob, select button, a 7-segment channel indicator LED, as well as audio ready, peak, and IR indicator lights.

Up to 16 of these systems may operate simultaneously on two frequency bands from a maximum operating range of 300'. The bodypack transmitter is synced with the receiver via infrared and can operate for up to eight hours on two AA batteries. For convenience, the lavalier microphone includes a spring-loaded clip so you can attach it to your lapel.

  • With LM10 Lavalier Microphone
  • 300-Foot Operating Range
  • True Diversity dual-antenna Design
  • Link Transmitter with Infrared


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