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Glow Foldable Beauty Dish With Bowens Mount

Silver | 34"

The Glow 34" Silver Folding Beauty Dish is a portable version of the light modifier famous for striking signature portraiture and fashion images.



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The Glow 34" Silver Folding Beauty Dish is a portable version of the light modifier famous for striking signature portraiture and fashion images. The quick to set up octagonal umbrella like assembly has all the advantages of the beauty dish effect without the problems of damage a typical metallic dish confronts with location travel. It has all the benefits of a metal beauty dish design without any of the drawbacks due to the delicate bendable dish. This folding unit is made for the road with sturdy fiberglass support rods for structural stability and fabric strength and serves as a great lighting solution in the studio as well.

This 34" Silver version of the series has more ½snap' than the white internal finish and serves best from head and shoulders portraits to dramatic half-figure studies or for subjects that are in tight spaces where softboxes and umbrellas can't do the job.

The unique diffusion properties are achieved using a double reflector system that softens the flash properties twice. The final effect has qualities that cross between that of a direct flash and a softbox, giving the image a wraparound look - like a softbox, but with more contrast and a more dramatic directed beam. This silver finish delivers higher output, creates more contrast, and brings out more detail of your subject. The beauty dish design has a small opaque deflector cover suspended directly over the front of the light source, in the center of the beauty dish, preventing direct light from hitting the subject. The light then bounces back off the small interior disk and floods the wall of the larger bowl of the beauty dish, resulting in a wide cast of softer light. The resulting effect is gentler than obtainable from a standard reflector and much better than the harshness of a speedlight.

The folding beauty dish attaches onto the popular Bowens mount with the included speedring, but most brands of studio flash and monolights can easily use this beauty dish with separately purchased rings.

The included accessory for the Glow Folding Beauty Dishes is a diffusion fabric panel called a "sock½. This is a translucent diffusion material, with a Velcro edge that fits within the rim of the dish. By softening the ring of focused light that emanates from the reflector, the degree of contrast is lowered and the edges of shadows are softer. The spread of light is greatly increased, with a loss of about 1 stop, with beautiful catchlights and a natural window light aura.

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