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IBS-970 Battery

by ikan | Black | #IBS-970

A suitable replacement for NP-F960 and NP-F970 batteries.



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The black ikan IBS-970 Battery is a suitable replacement for NP-F960 and NP-F970 batteries. This L-series (NP-F) form factor is extremely popular and almost universal among devices such as monitors and smaller light fixtures. It has a 6600mAh capacity for extended runtimes, without an overly large body. The battery can be used to power Sony cameras that use L-series batteries, and it can also power monitors and light fixtures that have an L-series battery plate. The battery can be charged by an optional ikan charger, as well as most third-party chargers.


  • ikan: MB4-TK, OYB5, OYB120, OYB240, BZL300, BZ500, BZ500-PRO, BZ600, BZ1500 (TX only), S7P, S7H-V2, S7C, and DH5e-V2
  • Third-party monitors and lights with L-series battery plates
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