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MixMic Shotgun Microphone

by Saramonic | w/ Integrated 2-Channel Audio Adapter | #MIXMIC

The MixMic Shotgun Microphone with Integrated 2-Channel Audio Adapter from Saramonic includes an SR-NV5 shotgun microphone and a dual-channel XLR adapter.



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The MixMic Shotgun Microphone with Integrated 2-channel Audio Adapter from Saramonic includes an SR-NV5 shotgun microphone and a dual-channel XLR adapter. It can be used to connect your camera to professional-level mixing consoles, microphones, and sound studio applications.

The adapter features two pro-standard XLR inputs for maximum operating flexibility, providing separate volume control of two channels, gain setting and wind noise reduction. The Mic/Line input switching helps you capture detailed recording levels and control low-frequency sound.

Professional Sound Recording

  • Professional sound recording solution in a compact package, suited for one-man film crews, run-and-gun shoots, or anyone in need of simple, flexible audio coverage
  • Combination of a shotgun with an audio mixer and XLR inputs gives you all the tools you need to get professional coverage quickly and easily

Adaptable Microphone

  • Includes the SR-NV5 Shotgun Microphone, but also enables users to connect their own favorite recording mic via the XLR inputs
  • You can further fine-tune your results with the built-in sensitivity and directivity controls, or adjust your settings in real-time to get the best possible audio while on the field

Pro-Standard XLR Inputs

  • Audio adapter body features dual XLR inputs, allowing you to connect multiple microphones to the unit, or interface with any professional mixer or soundboard
  • Secure locking technology ensures a solid connection for interference-free recording


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