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Revo ST-1000 Pro Video Stabilizer


The Revo ST-1000 Pro Video Stabilizer is a handheld camera support device designed for shooting smooth, shake-free video.



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camera support device designed for shooting smooth, shake-free video. Once mastered, camera operators can use the ST-1000 to create fluid, "floating" camera movements, even when walking or running. The ST-1000 has a max capacity of approximately 4.85 lb, which makes it ideal for HDSLRs and small to mid-sized camcorders.

The ST-1000 employs a multi-axis gimbal, which isolates the camera from incidental twisting and wobbling motions. The adjustable baseplate features a quick-release mounting plate and a bubble level, which can be used for fine-tuning the proper balance. A 5-piece counterbalance weight set is also included. The foam-padded handle and knurled stabilizer ring support one-handed operation, although two hands are recommended for optimal control.

  • Suitable for HDSLRs and small to mid-sized camcorders (4.85 lb max)
  • The smooth, multi-axis gimbal enables free-floating movements
  • The baseplate is adjustable forward, backward and side-to-side
  • Cameras mount via a sliding quick release plate
  • Bubble level for fine-tuning the proper balance
  • 5-Piece counterweight set (one large and four small weights)
  • The foam-padded handle supports one-handed operation
  • The knurled thumb stabilizer ring enables panning and tilting
  • ST-1000 folds for convenient transport and storage
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