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Sherpa 50 Power Pack with 110 Volt Inverter Kit


The power pack has an 5200mAh, 58Wh, 11 VDC battery, and the inverter converts the power from DC to AC.



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The Sherpa 50 Portable Power Pack from GOAL ZERO is a 5200mAh portable power station for charging most electronics from smartphones to laptops and almost anything in between. It has four output ports for a variety of devices, voltages and optional accessories that give the Sherpa 50 the versatility that today's technology requires. The power pack can be charged using the included AC adapter, with an optional 12VDC car/vehicle adapter, or with GOAL ZERO's Nomad 13 and 27 solar panels. An easy-to-read battery indicator shows the available battery power in 20% increments, while input and output indicators show the usage. Fused outputs protect the devices plugged into it, while over-charge and over-heat circuitry protect the Sherpa from damage.

You can simultaneously charge the Sherpa while using it to charge/power a device. For longer runtimes, the Sherpa can be chained with other Sherpas. Additionally, it includes the required power cable and tips for charging laptops. A variety of output accessories like a 110VAC inverter are available to tailor the Sherpa to your technology's power requirements.

  • Power Small Electronics & Appliances
  • 5200mAh Li-NMC Battery
  • Inverter with 110 VAC Grounded Outlet
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