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Spectro LED-14 Flood LED Light

by Genaray | #SP-AD120

With a beam angle of 120°, the Spectro LED-14 Flood Light from Genaray is composed of a daylight-balanced fixture equipped with 600 LEDs.



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With a beam angle of 120°, the Spectro LED-14 flood light from Genaray is composed of a daylight-balanced fixture equipped with 600 LEDs. The round 14.5" light provides 10-100% dimming with a maximum power output of 120W, featuring a high CRI rating of 96 that helps ensure color accuracy regardless of your subject or dimming settings.

In a field dominated by rectangular or square arrays, Genaray has made the wise choice of making their studio lights circular. Not only does the increased surface area have more wraparound light characteristics but the shape renders pleasing, natural-looking catchlights in your subject's eyes. And if you're doing portraiture, you can soften the Spectro LED-14's output by slipping the included diffusion sock over the reflector or with an optional Octa softbox that is specifically designed for this product. Heat is never a concern since the cool-running LEDs are barely warm to the touch.

Another way to soften the quality of light is to use the umbrella socket that is built into the mount. You can use reflective or translucent umbrellas for bounce or shoot-through effects. The socket accepts 7 or 8 mm shafts and the mount has a 65-degree tilting range for perfect placement.

Power is provided by an included multi-voltage power supply and adapter that accepts 100-240 VAC. The light mounts to any compatible 5/8" baby Pin stand and can be paired with an optional Genaray MB-WRT remote for easy wireless operation.

  • Round, 14.5" LED fixture with daylight color temperature of 5600K and high CRI of 96
  • Wide beam angle of 120° allows the light to pair with an optional Octa softbox for soft and even illumination
  • Accepts an included diffusion sock that goes over the reflector and optional umbrellas via a dedicated socket
  • Can be dimmed from 10 to 100% with on-board control knob, complete with LED readout for viewing brightness setting
  • Wireless dimming possible with optional Genaray MB-WRT remote
  • Runs on 100-240 VAC power with included adapter
  • Mounts to any compatible light stand with standard 5/8" baby Pin
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