A type of video coding developed by Panasonic, and then supported in products made by other companies.

AVC-Intra is a type of video coding developed by Panasonic and then supported in products made by other companies. AVC-Intra is available in Panasonic's high definition broadcast products, such as, for example, their P2 card equipped broadcast cameras.

Panasonic announced AVC-Intra codec support in April 2007. The use of AVC-Intra provides production-quality HD video at bit rates more normally associated with electronic newsgathering applications, permitting full resolution, 10-bit field capture of high-quality HD imagery in one piece camera-recorders.

AVC-Intra is compliant with the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard and Panasonic claims to follow the SMPTE RP 2027–2007 recommended practice specification. Analysis by the x264 project has shown that Panasonic does not comply with this specification

AVC-Intra was intended for video professionals who have to store HD digital video for editing and archiving. It defines 10-bit intra-frame only compression, which is easy for editing and preserves maximum video quality. The technology significantly outperforms the older HDV (MPEG2 based) and DVCPRO HD (DV based) formats, allowing the codec in certain conditions to maintain better quality in half the storage space of DVCPRO HD.

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