A clamp for attaching a large piece of hardware to a pipe or batten.

A c-clamp is a piece of hardware used to attach bigger hardware — such as lighting instruments, speakers, or dimmers — to a pipe or batten. C-clamps today are usually constructed of aluminum, but steel is also common.

The C-clamp gets its name from its shape, which is similar to the letter C. It is also known as a G-clamp for the same reason. It may also be referred to as a pipe clamp because it is often used to fasten hardware to pipes.

C-clamps function by affixing a bolt (the "shaft bolt") to the hardware they are to hold in place, such as through the yoke of a lighting instrument, and securely fastening this bolt to the clamp shaft. The open end of the clamp is then placed over the batten, and a bolt (the clamp bolt) is tightened to secure the c-clamp. C-clamps for stage lighting fixtures usually also have a pan screw (also known as a grub bolt), which when loosened will allow the clamp shaft, and therefore the fixture, to be rotated 360 degrees while maintaining a secure connection to the batten.

When using c-clamps, take care not to overtighten the bolt that attaches the clamp to the batten. If the bolt is overtightened, it can drill into the batten, weakening the batten's integrity.

also known as
  • Lighting clamp
  • Pipe clamp
  • G-clamp
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