China Blue High-definition Disc

A high-definition optical disc format produced to rival the Blu-ray format in the Chinese market.

China Blue High-Def is a high-definition optical disc format produced for the Chinese market to rival the Blu-ray format. The format is a derivative of the HD DVD, a medium created by the DVD Forum designed to succeed regular DVDs. Although HD DVD was scrapped as a result of losing the format war to Blu-ray, China Blue High-Def continued to be produced and marketed, though only in China.

Originally called CH-DVD, CBHD is a joint venture between the DVD Forum and OMNERC. Development began in 2005, and an early prototype was demonstrated in 2007. In 2008 during the DVD Forum's 42nd Steering Committee Meeting, the DVD Forum gave OMNERC the permission to edit HD DVD specifications.

Though HD DVD proponents had hoped that CBHD would be a viable successor to the HD DVD format, the CBHD spec was ultimately incompatible with HD DVD players despite the similarities between the two. As a result, CBHD is a proprietary format unique to China.

China Blue High-definition Disc
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