A program or system designed to function the same way as another.

In information technology, a clone is a program or system designed to function the same way as another.  The word "clone" has come to describe other forms of duplication such as software reproduction or file-sharing on the Internet.

A specific subset of clones is remakes (or remade), which are revivals of old, obsolete, or discontinued products.

Clones and remakes are created for various reasons, including competition, standardization, availability across platforms, and even as an homage. Compatibility with the original system is usually the explicit purpose of cloning hardware or low-level software such as operating systems (e.g. AROS and MorphOS are intended to be compatible with AmigaOS). Application software can be cloned simply by providing similar functionality (all word processors have the same basic purpose), but may also be designed to support specific file formats (e.g. is intended to supplant Microsoft Office).

Commercially motivated clones are made often during a competitor product's initial successful commercial run, intentionally competing with the original and trying to participate in their success.

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