Digital video effect

A visual effect that includes comprehensive video image manipulation, such as transitioning, tumbling, strobing, posterization, solarization, etc.

Digital Video Effects, commonly called DVEs, are visual effects that provide comprehensive video image manipulation, in the same form as optical printer effects in a film. DVEs differ from standard video switcher effects (often referred to as "analog effects") such as wipes or dissolves, in that they deal primarily with resizing, distortion or movement of the image. Modern video switchers often contain internal DVE functionality.

Early examples of DVE devices found in the broadcast post-production industry include the Ampex ADO ("Ampex Digital Optics"), Quantel DPE-5000, Vital Squeezoom, NEC DVE, and Abekas A-51.

DVEs are used by the broadcast television industry in live television production environments like television studios and outside broadcasts. They are commonly used in video post-production.

Digital video effect
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