Electronic field production

Film-style production approach using a single camera to record on location. Typically shot for post-production application, non-live feed.
1607px Multi Camera Exterior Efp Shoot At A Bmx Rally, California, 2004

Electronic field production (EFP) is a television industry term referring to a video production which takes place in the field, outside of a formal television studio, in a practical location or special venue. Zettl defines EFP as using "both ENG (electronic news gathering) and studio techniques. From ENG it borrows its mobility and flexibility; from the studio, it borrows its production care and quality control. EFP takes place on location (which may include shooting in someone's living room) and has to adapt to the location conditions... Good lighting and audio are always difficult to achieve in EFP, regardless of whether you are outdoors or indoors. Compared to ENG, in which you simply respond to a situation, EFP needs careful planning."
Multi-camera exterior EFP shoot at a BMX Rally, California, 2004

Typical applications of electronic field production include awards shows, concerts, major interviews for newsmagazine shows like Inside Edition, Extra (TV program) and Dateline NBC, large conventions such as the Democratic National Convention, Republican National Convention or San Diego Comic-Con International, celebrity red-carpet events and sporting events.

EFP ranges from a camera operator or crew of two (camera operator with sound mixer) capturing high-quality imagery to a multiple-camera setup utilizing videography, photography, advanced graphics and sound.

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Electronic field production
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