International Color Consortium

The organization that maintains a vendor-neutral, cross-platform color management system.

The International Color Consortium is an organization formed to create an open, vendor-neutral color management system that would function transparently across all operating systems and software packages. It was put together in 1993 by eight vendors.

The ICC specification, currently on version 4.3, allows for matching of color when moved between applications and operating systems, from the point of creation to the final output, whether display or print. This specification is technically identical to ISO 15076-1:2010, available from ISO.

The ICC profile describes the color attributes of a particular device or viewing requirement by defining a mapping between the source or target color space and a profile connection space (PCS).

The ICC defines the specification precisely but does not define algorithms or processing details. As such, applications or systems that work with different ICC profiles are allowed to vary.

ICC has also published a preliminary specification for iccMAX, a next-generation color management architecture with significantly expanded functionality and a choice of colorimetric, spectral, or material connection space.

International Color Consortium
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