Audio mixing
The result of combining audio signals from different sources, such as microphones, instruments, recordings, etc.

In sound recording and reproduction, a mix is the result of audio mixing, which is the process of combining multitrack recordings into a final mono, stereo, or surround the sound product. In the process of combining the separate tracks, their relative levels (i.e volumes) are adjusted and balanced and various processes such as equalization and compression are commonly applied to individual tracks, groups of tracks, and the overall mix. In stereo and surround sound mixing, the placement of the tracks within the stereo (or surround) field is adjusted and balanced.:11,325,468 Audio mixing techniques and approaches vary widely and have a significant influence on the final product.

Audio mixing techniques largely depend on music genres and the quality of sound recordings involved. The process is generally carried out by a mixing engineer, though sometimes the record producer or recording artist may assist. After mixing, a mastering engineer prepares the final product for production.

Audio mixing may be performed on a mixing console or digital audio workstation.

also known as
  • Audio mixing
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