Silicon Graphics Image

The native raster graphics file format for Silicon Graphics workstations.

Silicon Graphics Image (SGI) or the RGB file format is the native raster graphics file format for Silicon Graphics workstations. The format was invented by Paul Haeberli. It can be run-length encoded (RLE). Among others, FFmpeg and ImageMagick support this format.

Common file extensions are:

  • .sgi or .rgb: 3 colour channels
  • .rgba: 3 colour channels and alpha
  • .bw or .int: black and white
  • .inta: black and white and alpha

This format was originally developed for IRIX. The master files of the SVT High Definition Multi-Format Test Set are SGIs. Frame 200 of the ParkJoy sequence in this set (15722.sgi, 3840×2160, 47.4 MB) was used in WebP comparisons

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Silicon Graphics Image
RGB file format


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