The eye in the sky and a drone sacrificed for your eyes only.
Introducing contributions: it allows anyone to publish their writing or video on our blog stream.
Do perfect shots make a perfect film?
You are always one keystroke away from a life-shattering disaster of your own making.
Let's go to war!
By Yannick
In 2020, would a young Leni Riefenstahl be canceled or hailed as a hero of the #metoo movement?
Nothing is free unless someone gives it to you.
A lot could be said about intentionally delaying one's actions.
Worry not, my friend: there's something new worth waiting for.
Painting It Over
By Yannick
Can colors lie?
A visually mesmerizing 1:26 minute-long trailer that will blow you away.
What will things say once they start talking? What story will they tell?
If you want your video to have an impact, you need to delight your viewers. There's no way around it.
What is there to learn from hard times that we didn't know already?
Too many people in this industry end up delivering a product that is skewed, if not blinded, by the technology, the style, the trends, the money, and last but not least their own ideology.
I'm willing to bet that you're not being paid to do what you like.
If you can't sell your shit, you'll starve to death and meet the worst of ends. It's a fact, Jack.
I went to films
By Yannick
There's a famous quote by a famed movie director... guess which one?
It's you!
By Yannick
It ain't the picture and it ain't the camera - it's the operator.
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