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Lend everything a voice
What will things say once they start talking? What story will they tell?

From individuals to entire species, everything dies... eventually. Only stories persist. Thus the only chance of survival that you, and I, and everything else that you love or maybe despise, have, depends entirely on the stories that you and I will leave behind.

In order to tell a story, be it your own or that of someone else, you will need a voice. Lucky for us, most humans do have a voice of their own and can tell their stories in some fashion or another. Most, but only humans.

Animals and other living beings can't talk the way humans can. Some can come mighty close, though it is often only with a little help from our own inner, very human voice.

Short of forensics, inanimate things typically cannot and will not speak. It's up to us storytellers to give a voice to that which cannot raise one. The role of storytelling is hard to fulfill. It's something any writer, painter, photographer, and videographer struggles day in and day out.

What will things say once they start talking? What story will they tell? It's on you.

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