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Popular Video Marketing Tricks
In this article, I will show you 10 amazing content marketing tips you should try if you want to drive more consumer traffic and to increase leads.

By 2022, online videos will account for more than 82% of the total Internet traffic. This is a remarkable number; a statistic that confirms that video is the future of online marketing. We live in a fast-paced world where people want to be entertained. Moreover, 72% of consumers will learn about a product or service through video. Most consumers want to see more video content from brands. People want to share and learn more than ever before. This is only possible with video.

If you are thinking of adding content to your next digital or social media marketing campaign for your Business-to-consumer organization, then you should at least consider adding video content. In this article, I will show you 10 amazing content marketing tips you should try if you want to drive more consumer traffic and to increase leads.

Here’s what you’ll find in this article:

  1. Share your story
  2. Publish customer reviews
  3. Create employee profiles
  4. Create “awesome”  videos for your products
  5. Create How-to Videos
  6. Use videos for seasonal campaigns
  7. Create short discount videos
  8. Use Influencer Highlight Videos
  9. Take advantage of unboxing videos
  10. Show your brand collaboration

Share your story.

First, you need to make a video that establishes your brand to the video audience.

Sharing Your Brand Story Customers ask questions like “Who are you and why do I wish to do business with you?”

81% of people research online before carrying out a big purchase. Is it too small to know that people who have found your business have a solution to their trouble?

It’s time to tell your story to the world and introduce yourself to who you are and what you do. Sprout Social found that 64% of consumers and brands want to connect. When consumers seem to be associated with expensive brands, more than half (57%) of consumers increase their spend with that brand and 76% of them buy from them rather than a competitor.

If you don’t share and connect with your customers, they will find someone else to do it.

Post Customer Review

Did you know that 83% of consumers don’t trust ads because they trust customer reviews?

Customer reviews can help boost your online presence and sales. 72% of users do not take action until they read reviews.

Take a page from NYX Cosmetics; They post beauty influencers (they partner and customers who create great content) on social media profiles for customers to see.

Take the time to listen to some social media to see what customers are saying or posting about your brand. It can use tools like hashtag or reference. You may find some gems to repost on your platforms.

Create employee profiles.

Besides telling and sharing your brand, you can also share the people who make up the brand. It could be exceptional employees, managers or CEOs. Sharing company culture reinforces the value and effort you can give your services and products to your potential buyers.
Sharing employees on social media can also help you attract new employees who might be interested in working for you.

Create amazing product videos.

HubSpot found that social media posts with video had 48% more views. Showing your social media platforms with video content can help increase sales.

When you create product videos, don’t show, don’t show. It helps if you take this from a lifestyle perspective. By connecting it well with shoppers, they can see that your product is aligned to their lifestyle or needs. For example, GoPro has an enormous library of product videos on all their online platforms. Each product video is recent and shows how this product can help improve their lives.

Create How-to Videos?

Ask Your Target Market Report 59% of people found that they were interested in DIY content, and 44% found DIY and how-to content only on social media. People are looking for videos on products they like or want to buy.

When you create branded how-to or DIY videos with your products, you provide customers with the information they need to use your products and build trust before and after product purchases. Knowing that step-by-step instructions are available 24/7 without relying on customer service allows customers to understand and purchase with confidence.

Use videos for seasonal campaigns.

During the holiday season, it fills your customers with sales, discounts and new products that they need to add to their wish list. They are bombarded with content trying to get their attention.

Video content allows you to stay on top of the sound and get attention. 64% of consumers buy branded videos on social platforms after viewing.

If you will create videos for the seasonal or holiday season, the most effective platform for Facebook brands is the “Holiday Marketing Effort.” Facebook video engagement statistics showed that video posts scored 6.01% higher than other categories such as photo posts (4.81%), link posts (3.36%) and status posts (2.21%).

Create short discount videos.

Make a big sale, create some video content for engagement and advertising. Get your message out quickly and with a quick video. The videos, which last up to two minutes, are more attractive, Wistia said. This explains why people spend 2.6x more time on pages that have video compared to those who don’t have video content.

Use Influencer Highlight Videos.

89% said ROI from influencer marketing is comparable or better than other marketing channels. Influencer marketing is sharing or buying services from an influencer to share your product with their audience to promote sales.

Thinking about working with an influencer, but not sure how to get started?

Take advantage of unboxing videos.

Unboxing and Whole Videos is another form of influencer/brand marketing. Important on YouTube, over 90,000 people type YouTube’s unboxing model every month, and they have over 40 unboxing videos with over 10 million views.

A person opens a package on a product and makes an unboxing video while reviewing and using the product.

Customers watch unboxing videos to find reliable information about the products they want to buy. It all starts with creating a PR box or package of your best products, selecting influencers, or seeking an honest review. Such videos go beyond customer reviews because your followers see the influencers and appreciate their use and endorse your products.

Show your brand collaboration.

Brand collaboration is when two or more brands come together to combine creative or marketing efforts to increase sales.

Take a page from Forever 21. Each season they collaborate with other fashion brands and designs. With each collaboration, they release content and videos to let users know about their new exciting content.


Once you have a wonderful idea of ​​what marketing tips and ideas you are using for your B2B company, now is the time to consider optimizing your videos. To optimize your video marketing efforts, you can optimize your videos with SEO, test your ROI and automate marketing.

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