António-Pedro Vasconcelos

Portuguese film director.

António-Pedro Saraiva de Barros e Vasconcelos, GCIH (born 1939) is a Portuguese film director.

Vasconcelos is the middle of three sons of Guilherme de Barros e Vasconcelos (Celorico de Basto, Britelo, 28 December 1902 - 1984), a lawyer and a nobleman of the Royal Household, and Palmira Henriqueta de Carvalho Saraiva (b. Portalegre, 28 August 1907).

In 1961, Vasconcelos married Maria Helena Marques (born 26 July 1939), whom he later divorced. His second wife, Maria Teresa de Carvalho de Albuquerque Schmidt, and had four children: Pedro Jaime Marque, Guilherme Infante de Lacerda, Patrícia Marques and Diogo Schmidt.

António-Pedro Vasconcelos
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