Erwin Arnada

Indonesian journalist and filmmaker.

Erwin Arnada (born 17 October 1963) is an Indonesian journalist and filmmaker. Born to a devout Muslim family in Jakarta, Arnada became interested in journalism in 1984, and, after a time as a photographer, he interned at the weekly Editor. Beginning in 1990 he took editorial roles in various print media, including the controversial tabloid Monitor. Arnada entered cinema in 2000, producing several films for Rexinema.

After establishing Playboy Indonesia in 2006 Arnada became the center of controversy, as Islamic groups such as the Islamic Defenders Front protested the magazine as indecent – despite it not featuring any nudity. After an extended series of trials Arnada was convicted by the Supreme Court of Indonesia and sentenced to two years in prison, beginning in October 2010. He was released the following June, when the court reversed its decision. In 2012 Arnada was nominated for a Citra Award for Best Director for his film Rumah di Seribu Ombak, based on a novel he had written in prison.

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