Eugenio Polgovsky

Mexican filmmaker and visual artist.

Eugenio Polgovsky (Mexico City, June 29, 1977 – London, August 11, 2017) was a Mexican filmmaker and visual artist. He worked as director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, and producer of his films. Polgovsky was known for the Mexican documentaries "Tropic of Cancer" ( Semaine de la Critique 2005) and Los Herederos "The Inheritors" (Mostra of Venice, Orrizontti 2008 & Berlinale Generation 2009).

He was the first filmmaker invited in the history of Trinity College, Cambridge, as Fellow Communer in Arts in 2016.

Polgovsky was the founder of Tecolote Films in Mexico City (2004). He has received 4 Ariel Awards, (Mexican Academy Awards) and more than 20 International awards for his films, including the Joris Ivens Award in Cinema Du Réel, París 2005.

He became a visionary, innovative and independent documentarist, and he brought an experimental spirit and a poetic eye to the medium of cinematography and worked closely and in a prolonged way with the communities whose stories and conditions he has sought to explore. His personal cinematography enchained with meticulous and original editing explored the backgrounds of the Mexican reality, from the rural ancient world to the present of the megacity of Mexico.

The MoMa of NY presented his film "Tropic of Cancer" as part of a selection of the region’s most innovative contemporary films.

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