Fabián Bielinsky

Argentine film director.

Fabián Bielinsky (3 February 1959 – 28 June 2006) was an Argentine film director born in Buenos Aires.

He started to make films early in life, while still a high school student in the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires. After graduation he started studying psychology, a career he pursued for a short time before dropping out in favor of enrolling in the Centro de Experimentacion y Realizacion Cinematografica (CERC, actually ENERC, INCAA's film school), from which he graduated in 1983 with a short film called La espera, based on a story by Jorge Luis Borges.

He directed his first film, Nine Queens (Spanish: Nueve reinas) in 2000, and the second one, El aura, in 2005, which he was going to present in Edinburgh, at the International Film Festival, a month later. Both films starred Ricardo Darín in the lead role.

Bielinsky died from a heart attack while in São Paulo, Brazil, casting for an advertisement.

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