Giuseppe Rotunno

Italian cinematographer.

Giuseppe Rotunno, A.I.C., A.S.C., (born 19 March 1923, in Rome) is an Italian cinematographer. Sometimes credited as Peppino Rotunno, he was director of photography on eight films by Federico Fellini. He collaborated with several celebrated Italian directors, including Vittorio De Sica on Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni, and Luchino Visconti on Rocco and His Brothers (1960), The Leopard (1963), and The Stranger (1967). Rotunno also served as the director of photography for Julia and Julia (1987), the first feature shot using high definition television taping technique and then transferred to 35 mm film.

He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography for All That Jazz and has won seven Silver Ribbon Awards.

Giuseppe Rotunno was the first non-American member admitted to the American Society of Cinematographers in 1966.

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