Imam Tantowi

Indonesian film director and screenwriter

Imam Tantowi (born 13 August 1946) is an Indonesian film director and screenwriter. Tantowi was a stage director before he began to work in film, first as artistic director and later as assistant director. In 1982 he was given the opportunity to direct his first film, Pasukan Berani Mati (Ready-to-Die Force). In a career spanning six decades he has directed 18 feature films and written more than 30 scripts for the screen and for television.

Tantowi won the Citra Award for Best Original Screenplay at the 1989 Indonesian Film Festival for his film Si Badung . At the 1991 Indonesian Film Festival he won the Best Director award for his film Soerabaia 45. He won the Vidia Award at the 1996 Festival Sinetron Indonesia for his television series Suami-suami Takut Istri .

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