LA Freewaves

A Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that advocates for and exhibits new, uncensored, independent media.

LA Freewaves, also known as Freewaves, is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that advocates for, and exhibits, new, uncensored, independent media. It hosts an online media archive as a resource to facilitate the exchange of media art internationally. Anne Bray, with representatives of other communities, founded LA Freewaves in 1989 and she has worked to administer the non-profit since it was launched at the American Film Institute's National Video Festival. Bray serves as director of the festival and has been working in the field of media arts for many years and as an artist and teacher.

Freewaves holds the biennial L.A. Freewaves Festival, which presents independent and experimental media in venues throughout Los Angeles and hosts a variety of speakers on the topics of education, art, technology, and media. The California Institute of the Arts described the festival as "The internationally renowned festival of independent film, video and new media." It has also been described as an "important voice for social justice and change in L.A.", and "the largest theatrical exhibition of the alternative video in the greater Los Angeles area".

LA Freewaves
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