London Film Critics' Circle

An association for working British film critics.

The London Film Critics' Circle is the name by which the Film Section of The Critics' Circle is known internationally.

The word London was added because it was thought the term Critics' Circle Film Awards did not convey the full context of the awards' origins; the LFCC wished its annual Awards to be recognized on film advertising, especially in the United States, and in production notes.

The Critics' Circle, founded in 1913, is an association for working British critics. Film critics first became eligible for membership in the Circle in 1926. The Film section now has more than 120 members drawn from publications and broadcast media throughout the United Kingdom.

Film section members of the Critics' Circle will have worked as a critic or have written or broadcast informed analytical features or programs about film for British publications and media for at least a year, their income mostly derived from reviewing and writing about film.

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