Louis Delluc Prize

rench film award presented annually since 1937.

The Louis Delluc Prize (French: Prix Louis-Delluc) is a French film award presented annually since 1937. The award is bestowed to the Best Film and Best First Film of the year on the second week of each December. The jury is composed of 20 members, consisting of a group of film critics and figures who are culturally significant. Gilles Jacob is the president. The meeting is at le Fouquet's restaurant in Champs-Élysées.

The award was created in 1937 in view of the decision of the Académie française to award its Grand Prix du Cinema to films that were created by French filmmakers. Twenty-four film critics including Maurice Bessy and Marcel Idzkowski established the prize to honor Louis Delluc (1890–1924), the first French journalist to specialize in cinema and founder of the ciné-clubs.

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