American company that manufactures high-end digital photographic equipment.

MegaVision is an American company that manufactures high-end digital photographic equipment. It was founded in 1983 to create a state-of-the-art image processing computer. MegaVision was the first company to produce a digital camera back for sale, using a 4-megapixel vidicon tube behind a Cambo technical view camera. MegaVision has always produced the capture software that controls its camera hardware. MegaVision produced the first live focus video in a digital still camera porting video over twisted pair wires (1993). MegaVision produced the first gamut alarm light metering with their Color Coded Light Metering (1993). MegaVision produced the first RAW file removable media digital camera with the Batpac digitizer and the S2/S3 series camera backs (1996). MegaVision produced the first computer mounted digital camera back using the E3/E4/E5 and the OQO computers (2005). MegaVision currently produces a 10 band visible plus 365 nm UV and 5 band IR EurekaVision lighting system initially developed for their 39-megapixel Monochrome camera back. Outside of US and Canada, MegaVision products are officially distributed in Asia through Megavision International Pte Ltd. and in EMEA COUNTRIES through TechVision

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