Paul Gégauff

French screenwriter, actor and director.

Paul Gégauff (1922–1983) was a French screenwriter, actor and director. He collaborated with director Claude Chabrol on 14 films. Among his films are Les Biches, Plein Soleil and the autobiographical Une Partie de Plaisir. In 1962, he and René Clement received an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America as the screenwriters for Plein Soleil, which was named Best Foreign Language Film.

His first marriage to |film producer| and actress Danièle Gégauff ended in divorce. They had a daughter actress and singer, Clémence Gégauff. He died after being stabbed by his second wife, Coco Ducados, on Christmas Eve 1983.

Chabrol once said of Gégauff: "When I want cruelty, I go off and look for Gégauff. Paul is very good at gingering things up...He can make a character look absolutely ridiculous and hateful in two seconds flat."

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