A consumer electronics manufacturer.

ProScan is a consumer electronics manufacturer and has a trademark in continuous use since 1990. It is one brand of the French company Technicolor SA (previously named Thomson SA) with products competing with higher-end electronics. The ProScan name is owned by Technicolor USA, Inc (previously named Thomson Consumer Electronics). The company created television and video products to compete with Sony's Trinitron XBR, Pioneer's Elite, and other electronics brand lines. Competition is focused mainly on a price to size ratio. The tagline for ProScan is "So advanced, yet so simple."

Once the premium sub-brand of RCA TVs, the ProScan name is owned by Technicolor, which controls RCA as well. The brand is currently licensed in North America by Curtis International, an Ontario, Canada, manufacturer, and distributor of value-based consumer electronics products. As of late 2019, the website has been taken down and current products are no longer supported and no new products were released.

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