Stefan Jarl

Swedish film director best known for his documentaries.

Stefan Jarl (born 18 March 1941) is a Swedish film director best known for his documentaries. Together with Jan Lindqvist he made the Mods Trilogy, three films which follow a group of alienated people in Stockholm from the 1960s to the 1990s, They Call Us Misfits (1968), A Respectable Life (1979), and Det sociala arvet (1993). A Respectable Life won the 1979 Guldbagge Awards for Best Film and Best Director. Jarl also wrote and directed Jag är din krigare (1997), and directed Terrorists: The Kids They Sentenced (2003), The Girl From Auschwitz (2005), and Submission (2010), a documentary about the "chemical burden" of synthetics and plastics carried by people born after World War II.

At the 25th Guldbagge Awards in 1990 he won the Creative Achievement Award and in 2017 Jarl received the Lenin Award.

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