Tobis Film

German film production and film distribution company.

Tobis Film was a German |film production| and film distribution company. Founded in the late 1920s as a merger of several companies involved in the switch from silent to sound films the organization emerged as a leading German sound studio. Tobis used the Tri-Ergon sound-on-disc system under the Tobis-Klang trade name. The Ufa production company had separate rights to the Tobis system, which it used under the trade name of Ufa-Klang. Some Tobis films were released in Germany by the subsidiary Europa Film.

Its principal production studios were the Johannisthal Studios in Berlin.

During the Nazi era, Tobis was one of the four major film companies along with Terra Film, Bavaria Film, and UFA. In 1942 all these companies were merged into a single state-controlled industry bringing an end to Tobis' independent existence, though films continued to be released under the Tobis banner.

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