Trilith Studios

American film and television production studio.

Trilith Studios is an American film and television production studio. The company is located in Fayette County, Georgia, just south of Atlanta, and was originally known as Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The studio has been used to produce many films and television programs, particularly those produced by Marvel Studios.

The Pinewood Group announced in April 2013 that its first film production facility in the United States, Pinewood Atlanta Studios, would be located south of Atlanta at a complex consisting of 280 ha (690 acres) in Fayette County, Georgia. The studio was a joint venture between Pinewood and River's Rock LLC, an independently managed trust of the Cathy family, founders of the Chick-fil-A fast-food chain. Pinewood Atlanta would feature at least five sound stages. The Pinewood Group was attracted to Georgia for the studio because of the state's film tax credit.

The first production to film at the studio was Marvel Studios' film Ant-Man (2015), which began in September 2014.

In August 2019, Pinewood sold their shares of Pinewood Atlanta to River's Rock LLC, with Frank Patterson expected to remain to run the studio. At that point, Pinewood Atlanta had expanded to 700 acres and 18 sound stages and was considered the second-largest film and television studio in North America.

In October 2020, the studio was renamed Trilith Studios. Trilith was chosen as the studio's name as "a nod to our U.K. heritage” according to Patterson; its name originated from trilithon, an architectural term referring a structure consisting of two large vertical stones supporting a third stone laid horizontally across the top such as the structures in Stonehenge.
Town at Trilith

In 2016, the Pinewood Forest mixed-use complex was launched. Located across the street from the studio, it features homes along with plans for "a movie theater, restaurants, boutique hotels, retail, and office space", built using environmentally friendly building materials. In 2020, when the studio was renamed Trilith Studios, Pinewood Forest has renamed the Town at Trilith. In April 2021, Atlanta magazine ranked the community ninth in their top ten metro Atlanta vibrant city centers list; the community was also the newest featured on the list.

In 2016, a soundstage at Pinewood Studios was open for educational use by the Georgia Film Academy. In late 2020, the Georgia Film Academy partnered with Trilith and the University of Georgia to launch its Master of Fine Arts film program; students would work and live in Trilith during their second year. Trilith also has a small K-12 school called "The Forest School".

Trilith Studios
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