Top 3 Online Video Advertising Trends to Shape 2021
2021 is already here, and yes, making predictions for the year should have been a little simpler task now. However, given the turbulence of the current times, many industry trends are being transformed almost in real time. Lets take a look at a few solid trends that are likely to shape out 2021 in online video advertising. Video to Remain at the Top If one thing remains constant in 2021, its the fact that digital video advertising is in bloom. The niche has been increasingly growing over the past years, ...
Use your college assignments to improve your writing skills
Even though many students may find their college assignments boring, they can help them improve their writing skills. And even those essays you need to write and that have a long list of requirements can help you develop your writing skills. So, even those assignments many students run away from can help them improve their writing skills.
How to make a slideshow video
While we encourage you to get creative and start from scratch when developing your next slideshow video, Vimeo Create comes preloaded with tons of awesome, customizable templates to make it easy. If you took hundreds of photos during your last road trip but you’re not sure where to share them all, a slideshow video like this one is a great option to immortalize an adventurous trip. With Vimeo Create’s text editor, you can change the color, style, and size of your text to help tell your slideshow video story.
Simon Says Assemble Interview – How Does Automatic Transcription & Editing Work?
It seems that Simon Says can now deliver these near-perfect transcripts in multiple languages, so they figured it might be a good time to take the next step: What exactly do filmmakers do once the triscript is ready? Well, most likely they build what’s called a paper edit. Their most recent offering, Simon Says Assemble (we reported about it here before), even lets you create a video rough cut of your story based on these automatically generated transcripts. Simon Says Assemble itself is free to use, but the underlying process of transcribing videos requires a paid service from Simon Says. is a service provided by Codecide, a company located in Chicago, IL USA.