Tuesday Aug 27, 2019


I'm a Celebrity... Get

Me on YouTube!

Am I crazy? Naomi Campbell asks in her very first vlog. Im opening my life to YouTube! Campbell snaps a movie slate and…
By Sophie Kleeman

I'm a Celebrity. . .

Get Me Vlogging on You Tube! . Campbell has joined a growing handful of very famous, very mainstream celebrities who have ventured into the wilds of You Tube, a platform known more than a smidge dismissively for sugary makeup gurus and Casey Neistat, and decidedly more seriously for extremism and the people who weaponize it. Elsewhere on the platform, you can watch Will Smith scuba diving in the blue expanse of the Great Barrier Reef, Jason Momoa shearing off his beautiful beard, Lopez celebrating her birthday, or Alexa Chung getting ready for the Met Gala. In January, Patricia Hernandez argued for The Verge that Jack Black--who joined the site in late 2018 and has already built up over 4 million subscribers--gets it right, noting that 'there are no bells and….

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