Wednesday Aug 28, 2019

The Future

of the Classroom

Google recently worked with analysts and researchers to create a report called The Future of the Classroom (PDF), which…
By leelefever

Here how the report describes the trend:Parents want schools to help students to have healthy relationships with technology, and to be safe and confident explorers of the digital world. The internet is now an essential part of learning and often it experienced alone, when the student must make decisions themselves. Being safe and confident explorers on the web requires a big-picture understanding of threats and how to evaluate information.

From Cyberbullying to Strong Passwords, Mobile Security and Phishing Scams, our Internet Safety category covers the most essential topics. By teaching students how to understand and navigate situations they are likely to encounter in the real world, we can prepare them to respond with confidence. Soft skills are a thread that runs through many of….

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