Thursday Oct 3, 2019

Magic Cinema ViewFinder –

Free Director’s Viewfinder

App for iOS & Android

Magic Cinema View Finder - Free Director Viewfinder App for i OS & Android. Magic Cinema View Finder is an application…
By Jeff Loch

Magic Cinema View Finder - Free director viewfinder App for i OS & Android. Magic Cinema View Finder is an application for i OS and Android devices that makes location scouting a lot easier. Although there are already a couple of apps in the market that do the same thing, the Magic Cinema View Finder is free.

But, we now all have in our pocket a smartphone that features a capable camera, and that can launch dozens of apps to make your life easier. AdAll these smartphones apps are great and make your location scouting task much more relaxed. On the bottom left side, you can change your white balance, exposure, and focus settings. There are dozens of built-in LUTs like BMD film emulation, KDX, Teal & Orange, Posterize and so on. Finally, if you click on the top right camera button,….

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