Wednesday Oct 30, 2019

Vertical Video vs.

Horizontal Video: Which

Should I Use?

Video on social has historically been horizontal, with dimensions longer than they are tall so you get that wide,…
By Ana Gotter

Vertical video vs. Horizontal video: Which Should I Use? . More users are now watching mobile video than they are conventional TV, so everything is clearly starting to shift.

At a point where social platforms are completely oversaturated, you need to do everything you can to keep users engaged. We even now have some social media features that have started as mobile-only before expanding to desktop, including lead ads, Pinterest video, and Stories. The vast majority of the time, it will will benefit you more to prioritize vertical video. With this in mind, it still important to acknowledge that other video formats (including both square and horizontal) still have a strong place in marketing. Keep in mind that the entire point of You Tube is to watch videos, not necessarily browse,….

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