Sunday Dec 22, 2019

What I Want for

Christmas this Year

I want either, or Or, I want everything of the following: Have a bald head and a Y chromosome A make-up-done-for-you…
By Nina Froriep

I want either, or. . .

Or, I want everything of the following:Have a bald head and a Y chromosome A 'make-up-done-for-you' filter in my edit software Or, an Avatar a la Gemini Man, who 25 years my junior and always camera-readyOh, and since we are at it, I also want ALL of the following:Elon Musk brain, without the restWorld peaceA highly electable Democratic presidential candidatePhoto by Aaron Burden on UnsplashIf Santa were to bring any of the above, it would be quite pleased. Create a Vlog; a tip-series, share case studies, get client testimonials, etc. And, if you are a small business owner, and especially if you are a service provider, you will be in front of the camera. video is the single best tool selling YOU and your services while you are off doing important things, like….

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