Friday Jan 10, 2020

3 Simple Steps

to Implementing a

Video Lead Scoring Model

* 3 min read 3 Simple Steps to Implementing a Video Lead Scoring Model As video becomes an essential part of your…
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Marketing and sales teams rely on lead scoring to identify high-quality prospects they want to pursue. This improves the efficiency of the sales process, drives conversion rates and improves the buyer journey by providing relevant information when leads are most engaged. As video becomes the content of choice for many buyers, marketers have had to develop a way to incorporate video into their lead scoring models.

(And Why Should It Include Video? )Lead scoring is a fundamental component of marketing automation, allowing you to effectively track and assign points for your prospect online actions in order to determine when they are deemed 'sales-ready. 'With the ability to track viewer engagement, video is a valuable tool when it comes to scoring your prospects accurately and….

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