Wednesday Jan 22, 2020

Ask the Videoguys

NDI Special (01/21/20)

Full WebinarOliver Ricketts (Video Production Specialist - Videoguys) steps in for Gary on 2020 first Ask the…
By Adam Noyes

Full WebinarOliver Ricketts (video production Specialist - Videoguys) steps in for Gary on 2020 first Ask the Videoguys! Today he is joined by Glen Seaman (Workflow Sales Specialist - Broadfield Distributing) and Adam Noyes (video production Specialist - Videoguys). NDI is the focus of today show! Videoguys has been playing a lot with the new Tricaster Mini 4K. These questions are ones that have come accross the Videoguys Studio, and how they were solved.

What is POE, what are important things for me to understand? Total Power DeliveryPeople often think that once a switch is bought, it means 30 W over each port. Glen suggestion is make a Powe Budget with the following categoriesPort - which port the ethernet cable is being plugged intoDevice - what device is being plugged inWatts -….

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