Friday Feb 21, 2020

InVideo’s AI-powered editor automates

video creation process

In Video AI-powered editor automates video creation process. In Video 'Intelligent Video Assistant' comes with…
By Amy Gesenhues

In video AI-powered editor automates video creation process. In video 'Intelligent video Assistant' comes with real-time design suggestions on font choices, animations and color palates, and an auto-correct assistant feature to avoid technical design mistakes. 'Our Grammarly-like editor means no more time wasted over common technical mistakes or frustrating visual design decisions.

We are using AI to automate the entire video-making process,' said In video CEO Sanket Shah in a release announcing the tool. In video new video-editing tool includes:video-formatting capabilities for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube and Whats App. A video and picture library with more than 3,000 designs and premium templates. Why we careHigh-quality video production comes at a cost, from the….

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