Thursday Feb 27, 2020


Sample Footage –

Mini Documentary, “Arisa”

FUJIFILM X-T4 Sample Footage - Mini Documentary, 'Arisa'. ArisaI first wanted to shoot a music video with the FUJIFILM…
By Johnnie Behiri

FUJIFILM X-T4 Sample footage - Mini Documentary, 'Arisa'. ArisaI first wanted to shoot a |music video| with the FUJIFILM X-T4, but struggled with finding a proper candidate here in Japan, in a relatively short time. Social media proved to work fine for this and after approaching the community, Conor Mac Leod Keenan came to my assistant and introduced me to Arisa, a Japanese/Korean singer, originally from Yokohama who is currently living in Amsterdam (thank you Conor)! I 'fell' on Arisa unexpectedly and immediately admired her willingness to cooperate.

Equipment Used in This Mini DocumentaryIn all of my short documentaries, the ones I'm doing also to review cameras, I'm trying to stay fateful to real shooting scenarios, at least ones that I know I would meet in the field. I always try….

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